Our Story

Kids Fit Matters is a Mom’s go to guide for everything in Kids Fitness. But not just Mom’s can benefit from this site. If you are a Dad, Teacher, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle…if you love kids and want to set a good example for the kids in your life you are welcome. We’re here to help you raise a happy healthy and fit family.

Kids Fit Matters is staffed by a group of people who are in the same boat. Trying to navigate the same waters as you but with the added benefit of fitness expertise. You see our team has spent years in kids fitness and childhood nutrition. We’re constantly learning and growing, and we thought “we need to share this info.” So a couple of Dads, a grandpa, and their fitness expert friend banded together. We’re all a little goofy but there is no doubt that we love kids and fitness. This website is our passion product filled with everything we know and everything we are learning about. See for yourself what we are all about. You’ll find a little bit of everything on this website. As long as it relates to raising happy, healthy, and fit kids we’re covering it.

When it comes to your child’s mental health, Kids Fit Matters teams isn’t afraid to talk about the hard stuff like bullying, eating disorders and other children’s important issues. These are hard topics to deal with as a parent but the more informed you are now, the better off you’ll be when an issue arises. But don’t worry, we cover the cute and heartwarming stuff too! Kids Fit Matters is a sucker for a feel-good story, especially if we think it will bring a smile to a Moms face.
Finally, we cover the obvious stuff. Our kids fitness section is filled with exercises for children. Some are disguised as games and dances, which we love. If kiddo thinks you are playing a game, they will be more engaged. We encourage parents to get kids off their tushies for up to 30 minutes a day and just move. The more movement and exercise you do, the better!

We’ve got recipes great for kids with the bonus of being healthy. We’ll help you dress food up in fun ways for the holidays, hide vegetables in yummy food so the kids don’t suspect, and do our best to bring you easy but healthy meals. We’ve got all your bases covered, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and best of all dessert. We tell you all about healthy switches for fattening recipes and are trying our hardest to keep you in the kitchen for less time but bringing you healthy and fast meals that are DELICIOUS! Worried about holidays….don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We love a good excuse to celebrate and eat, but we’re trying to do it the right way

We’re so happy you found us and we’re happy to help! We just want you to have fun, your kids to have fun, and for you to have a happy healthy and fit day!