• As a Mom you instinctively know things about health and wellness, it's a given. But sometimes you need more justification than "because I said so!" It always makes us feel great when research comes out supporting things we've just known forever and then if you need to you can sassily show that research to someone and say "SEE! I TOLD YOU SO!" That latest piece of research involves childhood fitness and how it reduces long-term cardiovascular risks of childhood obesity.  In a collaborative study published by researchers at the University of Georgia, the Menzies Institute for Medical Research in Hobart, Australia, and the George Institute for Global Health at Oxford University research found that higher aerobic fitness during childhood, independent of abdominal

  • Animal Poses for Kids to do as an exercise

    Little ones love pretending to be things. You never know when they are going to do an elephant noise (which sounds just like a fart and makes people near you think you ripped one) or pretend to be a seal (which also strangely sounds like a fart...maybe they are just making fart noises) or any number of animals. Use this to your advantage and do some yoga inspired animal moves. While you are doing it let the kiddos make all the animal (or fart) noises they want.   

  • Sports drinks vs. water benefits

    We all love a good sports drink in a yummy flavor after a workout and kids feel the same. But a new study shows that kids are consuming sports drinks needlessly outside of physical activity and it could be leading to a rise in obesity and tooth decay. Not really the intended end result for said sports drinks.  Sports drinks aren't formulated for children's needs and most parent's don't know this. So they mistakenly believe that they are a good alternative for soda, which isn't true. The study also found that 12-14 year olds are regularly consuming these drinks because they taste good and cost less than sodas.  Maria Morgan, senior lecturer in dental public health at Cardiff University, said:

  • Kids are obsessed with dipping things. There is just something supremely satisfying to a small child to plunge a piece of food into something mushy and then eat it. If I had to make an educated guess, it's the messy factor. Kids love making a mess and yummy things make it way more fun. Lucky for you, this "Edamommy" dip is fun, tasty and healthy. Just make sure you wipe down the kid and table afterwards.

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