Children's Exercise

Exercise and fitness for children of all ages is important.

Ok it’s more than important. It’s whatever the next level of important is. Starting kids off on a healthy journey early is the most important thing you can do to ensure that your children have a healthy lifestyle as an adult. Research tells us over and over again that children who are active, starting at young ages, are more likely to be a healthy active adult. We aren’t asking you to turn into that Mom who overschedules her kids and is on the travel baseball team at 5 years old. If that’s what you want, cool. But be aware that overscheduling can have the opposite effect. Leave the travel baseball team for High School. What Kids Fit Matters is trying to aim for are age appropriate sports and activities. Whether you have a teen or a toddler now is always the best time to start them on a lifelong fitness journey.

Featured Exercises for Children

With Kids Fit Matters you’ll find everything from fun movement breaks to exercise moves targeting specific muscles. Our favorite trick is encouraging parents to join in, the more people you can get involved the better. If friends and family are over, get them moving with you and your kids. As a parent, you are their first and best role model. If they see Mom getting her movement on, kids are more likely to join in and enjoy themselves. Kids Fit Matters is here to provide you with exercises and workouts for parents to teach and do with their kids.

I know what you are thinking….my kid doesn’t like exercise or my kid is glued to the T.V or video games. Well we talk about all that stuff. If they are glued to the TV, use it to your advantage. Put on movement videos, like yoga (find some of our favorite channels here) or others. They get to watch and follow along on the tv or tablet. But the key is to make sure they participate. If you have a teen stuck on the video games, buy the ones like Just Dance that force them to move to play the game. Set time limits on screen time, but let these sneaky movement breaks count as something different. Maybe challenge them to a dance round. See if they can beat your high score (or maybe you need to try and beat theirs!). Remember as long as they are moving their bodies, it counts as exercise. Sometimes you just have to be sneaky with it. It’s the same as hiding the vegetables in the spaghetti sauce. They won’t figure it out until they are older. Don’t worry Kids Fit Matters is here to help. 

Check out all our age appropriate activities and see if you can find one that your kids will like. Think we are missing something…let us know! We’re open to suggestions. Since you are here…lets get those little bodies moving. Try out our favorite dance number! Or maybe a plank challenge is more your speed.