To Formula or not to Formula that is the question?

So many questions revolve around Formula and Babies. You had the baby…now how do you feed it? Sometimes babies just don’t ever get the hang of latching onto the boob and as much as you want to, you have to bottle feed. Or perhaps you are starting to ween off the boob juice and are looking to formula to fill in the gaps. Don’t worry….no matter when you do it expect that wholier-than-thou-mom to be there to give you condescending looks. When she does either flip her the bird or just ignore her. It’s your baby and you get to make the decisions. If you opt for formula, you’ll be just fine. 

So formula…what do you need to know? Lets break it down (see below). Then we’ll get into the nitty gritty. 

  1. They are all the same. 
  2. Protein Sources
  3. Preparation
  4. Benefits

They’re all the same. Well almost. We mean nutritionally. The recipe might be a little different brand to brand, but the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) keeps an eye nutrition levels in formula and regulates them so that they all meet standard nutritional requirements. No matter which brand you use, your child will get the same amount of protein, vitamins, and good stuff they need. I’m sure some companies are adding rainbows and sunshine on the side, but we still haven’t found that brand yet.  

Protein sources. There are two main options: Cows Milk or Soy Protein. Remember nutrition levels are the same so you’ll need to pick the one thats best for your child. They both have their own benefits. Cows Milk makes babies feel full longer, meaning longer between feedings. This in turn can help them sleep longer (total bummer!)  But if baby has problems digesting the cow milk, opt for soy. Soy protein is easier to digest and can be gentler on some babies stomachs. 

Preparation basically means just add water. What you are adding the water too is the question. You can opt for powdered formula or concentrate. This is really just a preference so you pick. 

Benefits. Somewhere I can hear that wholier-than-thou-mom screeching at the thought of benefits existing in formula. But surprise…there is! (Look we aren’t saying breast milk isn’t great, it has it’s benefits too!) So if for whatever reason you have to use formula, don’t worry baby will be just fine. Using formula allows others to join in on feeding. This can be great for Dads who sometimes miss out, since they don’t have the goods. One study suggested that formula fed baby’s were happier because they don’t have to work so hard for food. If only you could know that feeling. Extra bonus: Babies fed with formula have stronger bones thanks to increased Vitamin D. SUPER EXTRA BONUS: Moms who use formula get to keep more of their lives. And wine. So much wine.

If you are venturing into the world of formula for whatever reason, don’t let the “boob juice or nothing” crew scare you away. You and baby will be just fine. 

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