Get a health coach for your kiddo, try Kurbo!

If you aren’t the best at coming up with ideas to get your kiddo active or you need some help in a specialist area or two, Kurbo may be the solution you are looking for. 

Kurbo is a mobile/online health and weight management program created specifically for children, teens, and their parents. The  program is based on 30 years of childhood obesity research at Stanford University and SUNY Buffalo supporting children and teens in achieving their health and weight management goals. Kurbo combines the use of a state-of-the-art mobile app with expert health coaching to help families learn better eating habits, exercise more and take control of their weight to become healthier and more confident.

The Kurbo program has two main components: a mobile app, which includes a food tracker, educational videos and fun games, and a Kurbo Health Coach, who provides feedback, motivation, and support. Kurbo participants meet with their coach via Facetime or Skype regularly and can contact their coach between meetings through the in-app messaging feature.

With a variety of pricing and access, there is something for everyone. It takes a quick look through the success stories to see that Kurbo is making a difference everyday for kids across the country. Give it a try…it’ll work for your family and make you happy, healthy, and fit. 


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