Navigating family pitfalls at Thanksgiving!

The Holidays are full of pitfalls with family. We can’t all be the Brady family where everyone is happy no matter what happened. This goes for all ages not just the kiddos. You are mixing younger kids who might not see each other often and telling them they have to get along and love each other cause they are family. The same is happening for adults. At the adult table, we’re guessing things will get political and feelings will get hurt. At the kids table, toys might get snatched away and feelings will get hurt. It happens people. So lets talk about ways to navigate family holidays without hurt feelings. 

Adults….here is the only advice I have for you at the moment. Avoid all political discussions, especially coming off the election we just had. Just don’t do it!!!

For the kids, don’t just throw them in a room or the backyard unsupervised and expect them to get along. If there are older teenager cousins, put them in charge. Otherwise, adults need to take turns on babysitting duty. The presence of an adult who is paying attention or participating in the games goes along way. If the kids aren’t sure what games to play, check out our exercise section, we’ve got a ton of holiday games and activities for ideas. 

If there is an instance of one child bullying another, the immediate reaction should be to pull that kid aside and have a conversation that includes both them and their parent. Keep age and circumstances in mind. The child may be to young to realize that their behavior is bad. 

Just remember that family doesn’t always get along, no matter how close you are. That isn’t a bad thing, it just means that you are a family made up of individuals and sometimes a clash or two might happen. It’s how you respond to a clash that defines you as a family. Just remember…stay far far away from politics. 

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