Probiotics can help fight Back to School illnesses

As little ones (and not so little ones) all over are heading back to school these days, it means that everyone is back to sharing germs as well. At some point your kid will come home with a sore throat or a cough and then it’s only a matter of time before the whole family catches whatever strain was dragged home like a stray dog. 

The good news is by simply adding probiotics into your families diet, you can help avoid this problem. It’s not a guarantee, but the benefits out weight the cons. Along with helping ward off stray harmful bacteria, probiotics help your GI tract and boost your immune system. Probiotic bacteria can help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, promote proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, support optimal immune function, and increase resistance to infection. Kids with a healthy micro-biome are better equipped to fight off colds and other infectious illnesses and are less likely to bring them home for the family to catch. 

The easiest way to add in probiotics into your system is through diet. Look for yogurts that have “Live & Active Cultures” seals. They taste the same as normal yogurts, but have more benefits for health. They are an easy swap to make.  Anything that tastes the same and keeps the germs away is a win in the Mom Handbook of Life. 

If you are want to learn more about probiotics, click here

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