Sports Drinks aren't a substitute for Soda

We all love a good sports drink in a yummy flavor after a workout and kids feel the same. But a new study shows that kids are consuming sports drinks needlessly outside of physical activity and it could be leading to a rise in obesity and tooth decay. Not really the intended end result for said sports drinks. 

Sports drinks aren’t formulated for children’s needs and most parent’s don’t know this. So they mistakenly believe that they are a good alternative for soda, which isn’t true. The study also found that 12-14 year olds are regularly consuming these drinks because they taste good and cost less than sodas. 

Maria Morgan, senior lecturer in dental public health at Cardiff University, said: “The purpose of sports drinks are being misunderstood and this study clearly shows evidence of high school age children being attracted to these high sugar and low pH level drinks, leading to an increased risk of dental cavities, enamel erosion and obesity.” “Sports drinks are intended for athletes taking part in endurance and intense sporting events, they are also connected with tooth decay in athletes and should be used following the advice of dental and healthcare teams dedicated to looking after athletes. Water or milk is sufficient enough to hydrate active children, high sugar sports drinks are unnecessary for children and most adults.”

So unless your child is participating in sports it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of sports drinks. They have a proper time and place, just not all the time and places. Water is always the best choice! To read more on the study, click here

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