Stuff the Turkey with this fun game!

This one is sure to end in lots of giggles, just thinking about how it would play out with my family members makes me laugh. 

You’ll need two teams, two hula hoops, two buckets and a bag of marshmallows per team. Designate one team member to be the oven. They’ll stand in the hula hoop (or oven) with the bucket and it is their job to catch the stuffing (aka Marshmallows). Set the Marshmallow bag at a certain distance away with the team lined up next to it. They must grab a marshmallow, run to the designated shooting area, attempt to get their mallow into the bucket (the person controlling the bucket can move within the space of the Hula Hoop to make the catch) and then back in line. Once they have executed their shot, the next person in line goes. At the end of 2 minutes, the team with the most stuffing in their bucket wins. 

Play a couple of rounds, switching up who is in the oven and the teams more than once. Depending on age groups, you may need to adjust the shot range. Find what works best for your family. But most of all have FUN! 

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