• If you really want to dress the part when making these Home-made Fish sticks, you'll want to bust out your Yellow Slicker and Hat and be sure to include your best Northeastern Fisherman accent.  It's no secret that kids love Fish Sticks so this healthy homemade option is an easy to make solution that keeps everyone happy.

  • Summer time and heatwaves call for Popsicles. If your kids are the kind that spend all day at the pool and come in with that mixture of elation and exhaustion, these are the perfect after swimming treat. But really...it doesn't matter what your kids do, these are still the perfect summer treat because they are healthy and delicious. Give our Plum Smoothie Pops a whirl. Added bonus, if you don't want to wait for them to freeze, just get a straw and sip away. 

  • What you should know about cyberbullying

    Our world is so connected now that Cyberbullying is a real threat to our children. It's important to know what kids are up to on the internet so you can make sure they aren't being bullied online or worse yet, they aren't bullying others online. There are several different kinds of Cyberbullying.  Denigration: Spreading harmful, untrue, or damaging rumors and statements online that will damage an individual's reputation. Exclusion: Excluding a person on purpose from an online group, considered an indirect form of cyberbullying. Flaming: Fighting that involves sending angry, cruel, rude, and vulgar messages to one individual or several individuals in a private or public online setting. Happy Slapping: Attacking an individual physically as a "prank" or "joke" while

  • If you are worried that your child has low self-esteem, there are certain signs you can watch for. But I hear you asking, what is self-esteem? Self Esteem, Self Worth, or Self Respect are all interchangeable words used to describe that feeling of everything being OK or knowing that everything is fine. Kids can sometimes struggled with self-esteem which is natural. Every day in a child’s life, there are new trials and things to test their self worth. A child's sense of “I can handle it,” is constantly being put to the test. To state it simply, if your child is able to deal with things, if they have support and they learn how to solve life’s problems, their sense of self-esteem